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 Internship TitleFaculty LabFreshmenSophomoresJuniorsSeniors
SelectEcology of plant-soil interactionsValerie Eviner
SelectA. Gerbera Breeding or B. Teaching Garden MaintenanceHarding
SelectNew crop and irrigation management paradigms for California's Central ValleyMitchell
SelectRhizosphere microbial DNA and RNAAlison Berry
SelectUsing molecular markers to study the origin and spread of invasive plantsMarie Jasieniuk
SelectPeach/biofuels genomicsParfitt/Crisosto
SelectGrassland Restoration Research AssistantTruman Young
SelectPlant Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyDiane Beckles
SelectHydroponic Crop ProductionLieth
SelectInfluence of aquaporins on root hydraulic conductivity of grapevinesMcElrone- USDA
SelectPlant Ecology and RestorationKevin Rice
SelectNutrient Cycling in Irrigated Rice SystemsChris van Kessel
SelectSmall scale vegetable productionPES Salad Bowl Garden
SelectTransgenic plants and protein characterizationInoue
SelectPlant molecular biology and genomicsYoder
SelectSustainable Cropping Systems Research Assistant Kate Scow
SelectPomology Almond Internship ProgramUC CE & ANR
SelectOrganic Rice ResearchDr. Van Kessel
SelectSeed biology and geneticsKent Bradford
SelectStudy of native corn under field conditions using molecular approachPIPRA
SelectAdaptation in nitrogen-fixing plant symbiontsKevin Rice & Douglas Cook
SelectRice yield and soil spatiotemporal variabilityChris van Kessel
SelectResponse of plant to woundingMikal Saltveit
SelectReduce chilling injury in harvested fruits and vegetablesMikal Saltveit
SelectGreenhouse/field assistantAbhaya Dandekar
SelectPlant and soil laboratory intershipCadenasso
SelectNatural variation in Arabidopsis metabolomeKliebenstein
SelectStudent Farm Market GardenStudent Farm
SelectStudent Farm Ecological GardenStudent Farm
SelectNitrogen deposition effects on germination/seedling dynamicsCadenasso
SelectTable Olive AbscissionFerguson
SelectFruit ripening and fruit-pathogen interactionsBennett/Powell
SelectInvasive plants and Climate Change in CA GrasslandsKevin Rice
SelectSustainable Orchard ManagementBrown
SelectPlant and Soil EcologyEviner
SelectPhytonutrient MetabolismTian
SelectForest ecologyLatimer Lab
SelectTurfgrass Research AssistantDavid W. Burger
SelectRangeland Ecosystem ServicesTate
SelectGlobal warming/Local chillingBloom
SelectPlant SystematicsPotter
SelectPlant Development and StructureJudy Jernstedt
SelectPlant Ecology Harrison Lab
SelectInvasive/Endangered SpeciesPotter
SelectPhylogenetic studies of Invasive/Endangered SpeciesPotter
SelectSummer Field Assistant in Aquatic EcologyMalcolm North